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Community Resource Officers

The Sheriff’s Office’s Community Resource Officer Program (CRO) currently has four Deputy Sheriffs assigned.   Deputy Theetge is full-time at the Elmira High School, Deputy Black is full-time at the Ernie Davis Academy, Sergeant Ayers is full-time at Broadway Academy, and Deputy Smith is full-time at the BOCES Campus.  The goal of these officers is to interact with students in a positive manner on a daily basis.  Deputy Sheriffs assist with counseling, discipline and are in charge of initiating their own program, which helps educate students on how to become productive members of society.


Last year, the Chemung County Sheriff's Office and the Elmira City School District expanded their Agreement in order to provide Special Patrol Officers to elementary schools located within the Elmira City School District.  Four (4) retired law enforcement officers were hired as Community Resource Officers and each officer covered two schools.  This year, the Agreement was again expanded and four (4) additional retired law enforcement officers were hired to provide Special Patrol Officer in each elementary schools located within the Elmira City School District.  


SPO Huffman is located at Fassett School

SPO Saunders is located at Broadway Academy

SPO Oaks is located at Pine City School

SPO Toppings is located at Diven School 

SPO Segar is located at Riverside School

SPO Rohan is located at Hendy School

SPO Rice is located at Beecher School

SPO Fish is located at Parley Coburn School

SPO Collins is located at Finn Academy


The Chemung County Sheriff's Office also contracted with Finn Academy for the 2019-2020 school year to hire one full-time Special Patrol Officer, SPO Collins.


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