The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office maintains a Correctional Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) at the Chemung County Correctional Facility.  The purpose of  C.E.R.T. is to respond to emergency or high risk situations that occur at the Chemung County Correctional Facility, such as riots and inmate disturbances, hostage situations, escapes, fire situations, natural disasters, major service interruption, cell extractions and cell insertions and escort duty for high security risk inmates.  C.E.R.T. consists of eleven members, to include a Team Commander, an Assistant Team Commander and 9 Correction Officers, all of whom are specially trained in controlling and resolving emergency situations in an expeditious manner with the highest consideration for personal safety of all staff and inmates involved.  In addition to the specialized training the members have received, they continue to train 16 hours per month.  In May of 2007, the Team Commander and Assistant Team Commander attended a Mock Prison Riot on the grounds of the former West Virginia Penitentiary, which was sponsored by the Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (OLETC), the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the National Corrections and Law Enforcement Training and Technology Center (NCLETTC).  The purpose of the riot was to showcase emerging corrections and law enforcement technologies and to give tactical team members an opportunity to use and evaluate emerging technologies in riot training scenarios.
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